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Manhattan Emily Opens Next Week with Two Pie Styles and That Burger

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New York- and Grandma-style pies await

Emily burger
Wait til you see the inside
Nick Solares

The menu is out for one of this year’s most-anticipated Manhattan openings, the arrival of now-essential Brooklyn pizzeria Emily in the West Village. Yes, there will be plenty of that pizza and the popular burger — that earned it two of four stars from Eater critic Ryan Sutton — plus the addition of Grandma-style pies. Notably absent from the menu — womp womp — is the Detroit-style pizza over at Emmy Squared, the mobbed Williamsburg offshoot.

Here, owners Emily and Matthew Hyland are labeling the pizza style as straight-up “New York,” whereas at Emily it goes without designation. That’s a loaded connotation, since pizza means something different to every New Yorker, but in the West Village it’s a 12-inch, wood-oven-baked, semi-thin crust that retains some chew. Matthew Hyland developed a slightly different dough for this location, and thinks of it as between New York and New Haven style, despite only calling out the New York side of it on the menu. Three types feature a garlic-y tomato sauce, and one is a clam variety. As for the Detroit-style that earned this restaurant its reputation, here it’s more Grandma, meaning the square slices are half as thick — 34 of an inch — as the Detroit slices, and denser with more toppings.

Emily’s Detroit-style pizza
Paul Crispin Quitoriano
A charred sourdough pie is dotted with pools of white cheese.
New York-style
Paul Crispin Quitoriano/Eater NY

Beyond pizza, the burger makes an appearance, but again with some changes. American cheese is used instead of cheddar, and bread and butter pickles sit atop what becomes a double-stack here. The dry-aged beef, caramelized onions, Korean-chili special sauce, and pretzel bun all remain. There are also some sandwiches alongside, a smoked chicken option and a pressed duck.

The other interesting item of note from Bloomberg’s story is the revelation that rent at this location is a whopping $22,000 a month — $17,400 more each month than the original space. That’s a lot of dough, though the full bar will also help.

Emily opens at 35 Downing Street on Wednesday, June 7, which leaves plenty of time to start thinking about what to order (though the assured wait would be another good moment for that).

The cross-section of a dry-aged burger, blanketed in American and a handful of caramelized onions.
Get ready for a double stack of this
Eater NY


35 Downing Street, New York, NY