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Major Food Group Hires Michelin-Starred Sushi Chef for Third Four Seasons Restaurant

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Tasuku Murakami will helm The Lobster Club in the former Brasserie space

Tasaku Murakami Facebook/Tasuku Murakami
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Michelin-starred chef of Sushi Azabu, Tasuku Murakami has been hired by Major Food Group to helm the kitchen at the Brasserie on the lower level of the former Four Seasons space — the third restaurant of the multi-faceted endeavor in one of the biggest restaurant openings of the year. Murakami will man a Japanese restaurant on track to open in October, to be called The Lobster Club.

“We are very excited to have Murakami join the team,” partner Jeff Zalaznick says in an email, “as we have been fans of his for a long time and he is an incredibly talented chef.”

Having earned a Michelin star for six years through 2016, Sushi Azabu has “been a prized neighborhood gem for an excellent sushi bar omakase experience,” Eater NY reported of the lower level traditional omakase. “It has long been one of Tribeca’s worst-kept secrets.”

Meanwhile, The Pool is opening in July, with Rich Torrisi heading the kitchen for a seafood restaurant that “takes inspiration from many places around the globe,” says Zalaznick.

And of course, today is the first day of lunch service at The Grill: A very big deal as The Four Seasons carved its reputation as the place to power lunch for over fifty years.

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