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Ogle The Grill’s Opulent Lunch Menu, Launching Today

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It has a lot to live up to

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A man in a white tuxedo stands behind the bar at the Grill, in front of a giant arrangement of pink and red flowers Gary He

Today marks a momentous occasion: The start of lunch at The Grill, marking the return of what could turn into a major power scene, reminiscent of the space’s glory days as The Four Seasons.

The location’s reboot, powered by Major Food Group (Carbone, Parm), has been splashy from the start — reference the famous investors, tableside theatrics, and celebrity friends — but perhaps it’s just practice for this midday meal. Lunch is what this dining room has been about, with its storied history of hosting New York’s elite, such as Henry Kissinger, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Barbara Walters, Truman Capote, and Martha Stewart, since 1959.

Now, the food gets an overhaul with chef Mario Carbone’s menu, which is a far cry from the average tuna salad sandwich or grilled chicken salad. Instead, celebs, finance types, media elite, and real housewives will dine on tuna ravigote and spring chicken a la queen.

See the menu below in its full glory, sans prices. Stay tuned for an update on that.

Update: And here, the menu with prices

The Grill’s lunch menu with prices


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