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Brooklyn’s Avocado Bar Is Scouting Manhattan Locations

Avocaderia is already dreaming of its very own fast-casual chain

Avocaderia Avocaderia

The wildly busy Avocaderia that opened in Industry City in April suggests that the world needs more avocados and thus, more avocado bars. So avocabros and native Italians Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi have been scouting locations in Manhattan, with hopes that the 450 square-foot Brooklyn spot is merely the incubator for a fast-casual chain.

“If you can prove your concept here, you can do it anywhere,” Brachetti told QSR Magazine.

The shop has been going full throttle since its debut, which has included several noteworthy firsts — like running out of the 200 ripe avocados within three hours on the first day and allegedly bumping up business by 80 percent following the unleashing of this video. The crew told the site the shop served 1000 people over Memorial Day weekend, nearly double its usual 250 people a day — which already requires requires “at least 25 cases of avocados a week.”

Who decides to open an avocado bar? Brachetti was the driver, who apparently fell in love with avocados while living in Mexico, having never eaten them in his home country. Eventually, he convinced his Italian friends Gramini, a chef, and Biggi to open the Avocaderia, and although there has been an avocado shortage recently, the partners claim they source from a specific consortium of Mexican farmers that are “respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees.”

Though the shop touts a health-conscious menu of toasts, salads, bowls, and smoothies, There’s always dessert, like this chocolate pudding-like dessert that’s a work-in-progress and maybe not so Instagram-friendly just yet. Stay tuned for details on the fate of Avocaderia.


254 36th St. , Brooklyn, NY 11232

Industry City

220 36th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232 (718) 965-6450 Visit Website

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