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Hudson Yards District Will Cost Nearly $100 Million Over Budget — and More Intel

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Plus, Gwyneth Paltrow visits The Grill

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Mayor De Blasio Attends Unveils Of Plans For New Park Area In Hudson Yards Neighborhood Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Unanticipated expenses for Hudson Yards District

The entire neighborhood of development called Hudson Yards — which includes the food hall from Jose Andres and the Adria brothers, as well as a collection of Thomas Keller-approved restaurants — could cost the city nearly an additional $100 million, reports The Real Deal. That’s $64 million for the four acres of open space called Hudson Park & Boulevard and $32 million for an extension of the subway. It’s not clear how the funding will be secured.

Gwyneth Paltrow visits The Grill

Paltrow takes an evening away from #gooplife to visit The Grill and meet Mario Carbone. Yesterday, news broke that she’s moving away from acting to focus on Goop, the lifestyle brand/cult that includes subscription vitamins, lifestyle summits, as well as Goop-endorsed clothing, style, and events.

Mid century perfection at #thegrill #mariocarbone #

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A Questlove-endorsed dinner

Questlove gives a shoutout to #displaceddinners, a compelling series started by Nasser Jab, Mazeish Grill owner, and Jabber Al-Bihani, the founder the platform Komeeda, in an effort to humanize and provide financial assistance to newly-arrived refugees. There’s an event tonight and another on June 30.

Everyone eats. Everyone has to eat. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for projects that use that fact to improve the world. And one way to improve the world is to connect the world. A little while back, I heard about the #DisplacedDinner series, a fundraising project in New York that lets #refugees cook the cuisine of their native countries and then uses the proceeds to help other refugees settle in America. The series moves around like a pop-up; the first set of dinners were at @mazeish Grill on Rivington Street on the Lower East Side, where ten guests paid $65 each to eat Syrian dishes like batata harra (spiced potatoes), kibbe (ground lamb and cracked wheat), and makloube (chicken and rice cooked in a pot and then turned upside-down, which is what its name means); the food was cooked by a man named Lutfi, who grew up in Damascus but left Syria for Bahrain, Dubai, and then Egypt. The June series of Displaced Dinner meals will move to @spreadhousecafe, at 116 Suffolk Street, and will include a bedouin-style seated meal (June 16) and a five-course meal (June 30); the price will drop slightly to $59 per person, though the seating is going up to 40 people. Proceeds from all the meals go both directly to the participating chef and also to the @unitednations Relief Workers Project. The whole Displaced Dinner series was co-created by Nasser Jab, who owns Mazeish, and Jabber Al-Bihani, who founded the eating-experience company Komeeda; they started to plan in the wake of last year's presidential election, when the plight of refugees in America, especially those from the Middle East, was put under a microscope. Because of that, the events so far have focused on cooks from the Middle East, though future installments will introduce and employ refugee chefs from other parts of the world, like Central America and Russia. For tickets, you can go to Komeeda at, and help while you eat. Is there a better combination of things to do? #questlovesfood

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A Sunday block party

It’s the 17th annual festival hosted by the Museum at Eldridge Street (12 Eldridge Street) where it’s celebrating egg rolls, egg creams, and empanadas, says Bowery Boogie. The block party starts Sunday at noon.

Early bird tickets for the Vendy Awards

You can still nominate your favorite street vendors here for the 13th annual Vendy Awards, which just released tickets for the September 16 event on Governors Island. The day features 25 New York street vendors selected by the public with the winner of the Vendy Cup and other awards are chosen by attendees and judges. Early bird tickets for general admission are $90, kids 8 to 12 are $60. Purchase tickets here:

You can never go wrong with frozen drinks

Frosé and beer slushies are boozy ways to beat the heat:

Mazeish Grill

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