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Dave Chang Reaches Peak Cool Kid With Nike Momofuku Collab

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Limited-edition sneakers of his very own

David Chang and his Momofuku Nike
Straight Blue Steel

You know you’ve made it when Nike asks you to collaborate on a limited edition sneaker. Induct Momofuku maestro David Chang into that hall of fame, since his personal shoe drops on Thursday, June 22.

The reigning sneaker company hooked up with Chang through his cousin, who has worked at the company for a while. Momofuku has catered Nike events through the years, and its senior creative director was one of Noodle Bar’s first customers.

“This is all so crazy! I’ve looked up to Nike as a brand and company for years,” Chang fanboyed in an email to Eater.

David Chang’s Nike Nike
David Chang’s Nike Nike

The sneaker itself is a high top made with dark denim — just like the aprons at Momofuku — and an embroidered Lucky Peach logo. The numbers “163” and “207” are on the sock liners, signifying the addresses of the original Noodle Bar location and Ssam Bar, respectively. Noodle has since moved and the space is now a Fuku.

The $110 shoe will be available at 10 a.m. on Thursday, June 22 at Fuku in the East Village and the next day will be at select Nike retailers. Both Chang and Nike declined to say if Chang was paid for the collaboration or will receive any profits.

This is Chang’s first merchandise collaboration but he isn’t the first chef to have a shoe partnership; others include Vans with Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, Adidas with Eddie Huang, and Vans with Tyler Kord.

David Chang modeling his Nikes
Model material

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