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Zabar Footprint Expands With All-Day Nolita Cafe on the Horizon [UPDATED]

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It's the first solo project from 25-year-old Oliver Zabar

192 Mott Street
192 Mott Street
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The Zabar food legacy in New York City continues, with 25-year-old Oliver Zabar venturing out on his own for an all-day cafe in Nolita. Oliver is the son of Eli — who, keep up, is behind E.A.T. and various Eli’s-branded markets and bars, but not Zabar’s grocery store — and learned the business from his father. Together, they opened Upper East Side craft beer bar Eli’s Night Shift in 2015.

Now Oliver will use that experience to develop an all-day cafe that he’s hoping to open at the combined corner space of 192 Mott and 41-51 Kenmare Streets. Oliver is appealing to Community Board 2 tonight to get the project approved, which would include a cafe open all day that pivots into a bar at night. As a nearby resident, he sees a need for this still-unnamed concept.

It’s a busy night at CB2, with Nakazawa’s Alessandro Borgognone also appearing to discuss his upcoming, mysterious restaurant at 63 Bedford Street. Stay tuned for more.

Update, May 10 at 12:31 p.m.: New details from last night’s CB2 meeting show that there will be 22 tables with 71 seats, as well as a grab-and-go section. Bowery Boogie caught a look at the proposed menu, which leans American and includes salads, spreads, a burger, and more.

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