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Fried Chicken-Stuffed Waffle Cones Are Now at Gansevoort Market

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Forks and knives not necessary

Chick’nCone Jonathan Almanzar

Please welcome NYC’s newest novelty food, the Chick’nCone, a fried chicken-stuffed waffle cone counter in Gansevoort Market. What started as a food truck in the Poconos has made its way to NYC via a pop-up this winter at Bryant Park’s Winter Village — now a permanent location in the Chelsea food hall.

Jonathan Almanzar and Josh Lanier, a former pastor and piano tuner respectively, are behind this endeavor, starting the company and creating the recipe together. But Almanzar denies that the cone is “carnival food,” as he calls it. “That’s everybody’s initial thought, but we just made comfort food portable,” he says.

A hand holds three cones stuffed with fried chicken Chick’nCone

Almanzar and Lanier make the cones and chicken themselves, using a vanilla-based recipe for the cone, and panko, flour, and buttermilk breading for the chicken breasts. A cone is $8 and comes with a choice of six sauces (spicy ranch, yellow barbecue, traditional barbecue, cinnamaple, piri piri, and Buffalo blue cheese). There’s also a sampling of four smaller cones for $12.

Surprisingly — or not, considering the city’s plethora of novelty foods — this isn’t NYC’s first encounter with a chicken waffle cone. The one from Brooklyn Star created a bit of a stir a few years back, though it is only available at the Southern restaurant’s events. Beyond NYC, the Houston Astros baseball stadium sells a version with mashed potatoes at the bottom.

Gansevoort Market is home to stalls such as Big Gay Ice Cream and La Sonrisa, with sushi chef David Bouhadana’s Sushi by Bou set to make its debut on May 15.

Chick’nCone is now open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and will also pop up in four locations this summer: Coney Island from May 13 to October 2 on weekends, Jacob Riis Park from Memorial Day to Labor Day, UrbanSpace Garment District in June, and UrbanSpace Broadway Bites in June. Time will tell if New Yorkers will line up for a chicken and waffle cone to pair with their unicorn cocktail.

Gansevoort Market

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