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Paper Planes, from LA Eggslut Founder Alvin Cailan, Set to Land in NYC by Fall

You can try some of the menu at Chefs Club Counter

Alvin Cailan
Alvin Cailan
Alberto Vargas
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Today is the final day of the a.m. Eggslut offerings at the newly-opened Chefs Club Counter on Spring Street. And while chef-owner Alvin Cailan isn’t going anywhere, his new menu will roll out tomorrow — in anticipation of his soon-to-open NYC brick and mortar spot, Paper Planes, in a yet-to-be-disclosed location. To celebrate the changeover and tease the new menu, Cailan is giving away breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Thursday, June 1.

Paper Planes’ raclette tots
Paper Planes’ raclette tots
Neil Husvar

“I’m not from New York but I really love it out here,” Cailan tells Eater. “And this is my way to show appreciation to the city,” he says. Expect breakfast plates named “the chef,” “the fisherman,” “the butcher,” and “the farmer,” as well as toast like ricotta and jam as well as avocado — all priced from $5 to $12, in full below. He cites this as how he often fuels up back in a kitchen, sampling some housemade sausage or smoked meats.

Cailan tested the Paper Planes idea at Coachella this year, where he served some very well-received raclette tots, which sadly do not make an appearance on NYC’s menu.

Also look for his pop-up Amboy that will debut periodically at the original Chefs Club on Mulberry Street — based on his LA Filipino restaurant that opened in January, offering items like banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice topped with meats like skirt steak, vegan kare kare, and vegetable salads through the summer.

In the meantime, Cailan says he is enjoying his bicoastal life jetting between LA and here as he oversees his restaurants. And he anticipates Paper Planes will open in three to six months.

Paper Planes’ menu
Paper Planes’ menu
Paper Plane

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