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NYC Now Has a $38 Ticketed Pizza Experience — and More Intel

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New ramen, barbecue, Mediterranean, plus more news

Sofia Pizza Shoppe Sofia Pizza Shoppe/Facebook

— If there was ever any chance of trying Sofia Pizza Shoppe’s $38 ticketed pizza for two, it may be gone now that the Times is on it. The DoughDici part of the Detroit-style genre — is the result of all-imported ingredients and a three-day cold fermentation with an additional 12-hour, cheese-blanketed rise. The result is a soufflé-like crust, which is the star of the show. Tickets, available on sporadic nights with just one pie per seating, are available here.

— Ippudo vet Yohei Ishida has taken over the vacant space at 122 Ludlow Street to open his own ramen shop, eponymously titled Ramen Ishida. It will open May 15 with nearly half the menu dedicated to vegetarian options.

— Also arriving May 15 is a 150-seat Chelsea Mexicue at 160 Eighth Avenue, the barbecue-Mexican combo restaurant that dots Manhattan. It comes with a menu revamp, focused on mix-and-match options in smaller sizes.

— You can now lunch at Italienne, the Flatiron Italian restaurant with a three-Michelin-star background (the chef trained at Quince in SF). The daytime meal is available Tuesday through Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., available a la carte or as a two-course prix fixe for $32. Plus, at dinner, there’s now an option for a $140 six-course tasting menu.

The new tenant of the old Pies ‘n’ Thighs space at 43 Canal Street is Cervo’s, a 45-seat Mediterranean restaurant from the owners of Hart’s in Bed-Stuy. The menu will draw inspiration from the Iberian coastline, with sustainable seafood and a lot of vegetable options. It should debut late May.

— Gothamist catches that the reactions to art exhibit-cum-boba shop Boba Room aren’t so great. One Yelper goes so far as to write, “You’ll have more fun going to a McDonald’s ball pit and jumping into that.”

— This Sunday, May 7 brings $1 boozy ice cream to 217 East 26th Street. Tipsy Scoop, which makes ice cream with the same ABV as a standard beer (5 percent), will offer the discounted scoops to its first 25 customers on opening day, with flavors like dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel, spiked hazelnut coffee, and strawberry rhubarb bourbon.

Chumley’s in the West Village is switching up its hours: It is now closed on Sundays and open Mondays. Don’t get your hopes up for a future brunch situation — there’s not enough storage space to handle the quick night-to-morning turnaround.

— And finally, though Pies ‘n’ Thighs is no longer on the Lower East Side, you can still get the juicy fried chicken in Williamsburg — or make it yourself. Here’s how: