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An East Village Shake Shack Is Happening

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We see you, burger gods

A Shake Shack burger, crinkle fries, and a drink in a paper box Nick Solares

The Shake Shack bus is rolling into the East Village later this year, with a location at 51 Astor Place, the Post reports. As early as the fall, Danny Meyer is planting his rapidly growing burger chain inside a 3,000 square-foot ground floor space facing Ninth Street and Third Avenue.

The Shack crew signed a 15-year lease in March after Ian Schrager moved his sales office from 51 Astor leaving the space vacant, the Post writes. Other food vendors inside the building include Chop’t and a branch of Bluestone Lane.

While the number of New York Shake Shacks is plentiful — 24, to be exact — there are currently, maddeningly zero Shacks between 23rd Street and Fulton Center. It’s unclear whether Shake Shack EV will open before or after Danny Meyer’s other East Village project, Martinacurrently under construction just two minutes away at 55 Third Avenue.