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Eggslut Pop-Up Becomes Permanent — With a New Name

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Chef Alvin Cailan will also host a pop-up Filipino spot through the summer

Alvin Cailan Alberto Vargas
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

What started as a temporary residency for Eggslut at the newly opened Chefs Club Counter is transitioning to a permanent one. LA’s Alvin Cailan will mark the occasion with a new breakfast menu on June 1, with opened faced sandwiches like SoHo salmon on a French tartine, PB&J toast, avocado toast, and more from $6 to $12 — but no more sandwiches you’d find on the LA menu. As a matter of fact, the NYC location is dropping the Eggslut name — for something like “Chef Alvin Cailan's Breakfast at Chefs Club Counter,” says a spokesperson.

Beyond Cailan’s newly permanent venture, at the Chefs Club studio event space over on Mulberry — the first property in conjunction from founder Stephane De Baets — he’ll roll out a pop-up Amboy at the end of June.

Based on his LA Filipino restaurant that opened in January, Amboy will offer items like banana leaf-wrapped sticky rice topped with meats like skirt steak, vegan kare kare, and vegetable salads through the summer.

As to why he’s going in the direction of his roots, he told Tasting Table last month, “Reagan gave us political asylum to come to America in the early 80s," Cailan said, “and some of the children of those immigrants . . . went into the culinary field. "We [were] a bunch of junior sous-chefs . . . for the Wolfgangs, the Jean-Georges, the Charlie Trotters." After over a decade, "we're all executive chef level, but there's no Filipino restaurant to be an executive chef for. . . . So where do we go now? Do we pursue Filipino food?"

Apparently, yes. As he navigates bi-coastal restaurants, Cailan says he’ll be splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York.

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