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Wahlberg Brothers Unleash Burger Monstrosity Wahlburgers on UES

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The first Manhattan location is now open

Donnie Wahlberg at Wahlburgers UES
Donnie Wahlberg at the new Upper East Side Wahlburgers
Wahlburgers UES

The notoriously mediocre burger chain Wahlburgers from the singing-acting-reality star Wahlberg brothers now has a location in Manhattan. The newest outpost of the restaurant with a TV show made its debut earlier this month at 1633 Second Avenue on the Upper East Side. Brother Donnie Wahlberg — the one who was in New Kids on the Block — has already made an appearance. Mark, the more famous brother, hasn’t been spotted yet, and Paul, the third brother, is the chef for the chain.

It’s the second New York City location for the company, which serves a menu of double-decker burgers, sandwiches like sloppy joes, salads, and milkshakes. The first one opened on Coney Island in 2015. It is reportedly not good. When a new location opened on Long Island recently, the critic at Newsday similarly found that the restaurant “succeeds more as a shrine” to the Wahlbergs than as a restaurant. Food showed up cold and burgers were overdone.

Here is a picture that Eater critic Robert Sietsema took of a sandwich that is labeled as “MARK’S FAVE,” a Thanksgiving Day sandwich with a turkey patty, stuffing, mayo, roasted butternut squash, and an orange-cranberry sauce that is supposedly made in-house:

Wahlburgers Thanksgiving Day sandwich Robert Sietsema

Despite less-than-stellar reviews, the Wahlberg brothers aren’t stopping their rapid expansion. A Times Square location of Wahlburgers is apparently still in the works. The brothers previously planned a five-story outpost in the area, but Mark Wahlberg tells Page Six that they are still looking for a location.

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