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The Grill Has Already Been Visited by Nas, Who Ate One Oyster

A look inside the exclusive friends and family nights at this season’s most anticipated arrival

The bar at The Grill
The bar at The Grill
Linda Weiss/Instagram

It’s T-minus two days until the official arrival of The Grill, the unbelievably decadent and highly anticipated remake of the Four Seasons Restaurant from Major Food Group (Carbone, Santina, Dirty French). In the meantime, the restaurant has spent the last month getting ready for the peasants general public with a lot of friends and family nights.

Some new details about the incredibly luxe space and food can be gleaned from those who just couldn’t help themselves and had to Instagram their exclusivity. That includes rapper Nas, who was feeling himself in a selfie, followed by eating one oyster with caviar (and hopefully more). Here’s what can be gleaned so far:

There will — and already have been — celebrities:

NY #seagrambuilding #majorfoodgroup NY NIGHTS

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The butter is shiny and perfect:

Champagne may very well flood the space:

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT RG @charlesrosen #TheGrill

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There is a buffet option:

The eyes have it...

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The cakes are not messing around:

Ando confundida #thegrill

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Men already like comparing themselves to James Bond inside:

The bathrooms are a party in and of themselves:

Obviously there are ice sculptures:

half shells on the ice shell 〰 ✨

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Just like everything else, the floral arrangements are oversized:

Soon Instagram is sure to be flooded with even more information, or you can just make a reservation and visit as of Thursday, May 4.


99 Market Square Southwest, , DC 20024 (202) 916-5996 Visit Website