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UWS Stalwart Isabella’s Shutters Suddenly

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The nearly 30-year-old restaurant is no more

Isabella’s Isabella’s

After about 30 years on the Upper West Side, Mediterranean restaurant Isabella’s is a thing of the past. The brunch standby posted a sign on the door Monday morning, which simply said, “Sorry, this location has permanently closed.”

The restaurant was open as recently as Sunday and none of its social media mentions the shutter. An employee tells West Side Rag that “the landlord chose not to renew our lease,” which BR Guest confirms to Eater — though it’s interesting timing with the recent sale of parent group BR Guest to Landry’s.

During news of that sale, Landry’s general council Steve Scheinthal said, “We plan on keeping all of the restaurants ... We don’t plan on changing anything.” Nonetheless, six months later, Isabella’s is gone. With BR Guest now a Landry’s property, Isabella’s sister NYC restaurants include Strip House, Bill’s Bar & Burger, Dos Caminos, Bubba Gump Shrimp, Morton’s, and more.

Founder of B.R. Guest Hospitality Stephen Hanson said, “I’m no longer the owner of B.R. Guest but for more than 25 years I was and I think I got to know almost everyone on the Upper West Side,” he said. “Isabella’s was key to that and the place really launched my career. Many of the people I worked with were still there until today and I hope they find new homes.”

Isabella’s has played a big role in pop culture over the years, appearing in You’ve Got Mail, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and more. The restaurant has been a perfectly inoffensive and unthreatening neighborhood staple for many years.