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Watch: How a Crown Heights Bar Combines Booze, Cake, and Politics

They have sprinkles, blinkles, and a mission

Keavy Landreth and Allison Kave’s vision for their bar and bakery was simple: create the kind of place they’ve always wanted to hang out. The result is Butter & Scotch, a small, brightly colored, dimly lit bar where sprinkles are the law of the land.

Sugar may play an integral role at Butter & Scotch, but that doesn’t mean the bar needs to be sweet to the core. After the presidential election in November, owners Landreth and Kave felt that silence wasn’t an option so they used their business to raise awareness. They named their cocktail list “The Winter of Women” and included drinks like the “Pussy Grabs Back” and the “Maddona Rihanna Ilana.” For each lady-themed cocktail sold, they donated a dollar to Planned Parenthood. The menu was a huge success. Winter is typically a slower season for bars, but Butter and Scotch saw a community coming together to show support.

This spring, Landreth and Kave are continuing to speak out with a new menu benefiting the Ali Forney Center, a NY-based charity supporting LGTBQ youth.

Check out the video above to hear their full story.

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Butter & Scotch

818 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225