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Burger Kings With Booze Is Apparently Now a Thing in NYC

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Another NYC location of the fast food restaurant is trying to get a liquor license

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Ready or not, Burger Kings serving booze are opening in New York, as a new Manhattan Burger King vies for a liquor license. DNAinfo reports that Burger King franchisee Rackson Restaurants LLC approached its Community Board in hopes of adding beer to the menu at the 474 Seventh Avenue location in the Garment District.

The Whopper purveyor has been adding more and more alcohol to its locations. The chain first started playing with alcohol on its menus in 2015, when it began serving pints at a few United Kingdom locations.

Beer sign at Burger King FiDI

Then late last year, Burger King began serving beer stateside at the 106 Liberty Street location in the Financial District. The 12-ounce beers are all under $7 and include Heineken, Miller Lite, Blue Moon, and Brooklyn Lager. There’s even something called the Guinness Shake, and it’s nearly 700 calories.

Burger King joins the trend with Taco Bell, which first began opening its boozy concept Taco Bell Cantina in Chicago in 2015. Now, there are Taco Bell Cantinas in more than five U.S. cities.

It’s not clear yet if the Garment District location will join the crew of alcohol-slinging fast food restaurants. Community Board 5 district manager Wally Rubin tells DNA that the CB5 did not review Burger King’s request, as there were too many applications on the docket. DNA notes that the SLA has not yet received an application from Burger King.

Burger King did not immediately respond to requests to comment. Stay tuned for more booze news as it becomes available.