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David Bouhadana Drops Sushi Counter Next Week With Space for Pop-Up Chefs

The acclaimed sushi chef debuts Sushi by Bou on Monday

Sushi by Bou Sushi by Bou

Former Sushi Dojo captain and gloveless crusader David Bouhadana will debut his next Japanese engagement next Monday, May 15. Sushi by Bou claims an eight-seat counter within Meatpacking’s Gansevoort Market, although Bouhadana will only serve his omakase to diners at the bar’s front four seats. At the remaining four, a rotating roster of guest sushi chefs will pop-up and present an entirely different menu to customers along the bar’s left side. That area will be Sushi by Bae.

Sushi by Bou

Within Gansevoort Market, Bouhadana will continue to serve high-quality fish at an accessible price, the signature style he minted at East Village boîte Sushi Dojo, then brought over to fast-casual outdoor bar Sushi on Jones last summer, where he offered 12 pieces of nigiri and a hand roll for $50. (Bouhadana is no longer involved in Sushi on Jones, which separately is adding a West Village location.)

Sushi by Bou takes a card from the same deck, where diners will have 30 minutes to blow through 12 sushi drops, priced at $50. Those still hungry can add more from an a la carte menu. Once the market secures its liquor license, sake will be on offer too.

While Bouhadana describes his former Sushi on Jones menu as a series of “heavy hitter” nigiri bites, or the less challenging pieces that everyone loves, he says that Sushi by Bou will offer a similar but elevated menu. Bouhadana has changed up some fish garnishes, and he’s also bringing in new seafood. Sushi Dojo fans might recall his tres amigos bite of ikura, uni, and a quail egg — that is back. And looking ahead, he eventually plans to add akamutsu (blackthroat seaperch) and shiro ebi (white shrimp).

Sushi by Bae

As for the Sushi by Bae pop-up area, 24-year-old Oona Tempest, a longtime apprentice of Upper East Side gem Tanoshi who went on to briefly work at Midtown’s spendy Ginza Onodera, will claim those last four bars seats. She’ll serve a more traditional $100 edomae-inspired menu Tuesday through Saturday for the next month or so, with three seatings per night. Expect many cured and preserved fish techniques, and about 15 to 18 pieces.

Bouhadana’s Many Moves

So, what’s up with the long-anticipated Eldridge Street project? A press release for owner Derek Feldman, Bouhadana’s former partner in Sushi on Jones and 217 Eldridge, says that address will now house Uchῡ and Bar Uchῡ, and simply states that Bouhadana “is no longer affiliated” with the project. Bouhadana says he split with Feldman on March 18, citing “creative differences.”

This go round, Bouhadana’s new partner in Sushi by Bou is restaurateur Michael Sinensky of Union Square’s Sidebar and Midtown’s Hudson Terrace, among others. But Bouhadana stresses that he’s not involved in Sinensky’s other projects, and that Sinensky invested in him as a separate entity.

Come Monday, May 15, Sushi by Bou will serve lunch and dinner every day from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. To-go and delivery will be available as well. To make a reservation at Sushi by Bou, call or text (917) 870-1587. To make a reservation at Sushi by Bae, call or text (347) 495-4221.

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