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New Affordable Omakase Options Flood NYC

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A second Sushi on Jones is on the way, along with David Bouhadana’s similar, separate concept

Sushi on Jones Sushi on Jones/Instagram

Two more affordable omakase options are on the way for New York City: A second location of Sushi on Jones in the West Village, along with the imminent arrival of embattled sushi chef David Bouhadana’s similar, separate concept. Bouhadana and Sushi on Jones teamed up last July to create what has become a mega-popular, 12-piece omakase for $50, served in under 30 minutes.

It’s a model that apparently works, since Sushi on Jones has now announced a second location for 210 West 10th Street in a slightly larger — and indoor! — space that accommodates 10 people, but without Bouhadana. That’s six more seats than the popular original location, which was regularly booked solid on weekends. The added room will allow for more types of fish to appear on the set menu, and all deliveries will now be sent out from this kitchen. It will open in August.

Now that Bouhadana has cut ties with Sushi on Jones, he’s taking the very same concept to Gansevoort Market with Sushi by Bou, set to open this Monday, May 15. Bouhadana has bounced around quite a bit since making a name for himself at Sushi Dojo in 2014, where he got into a very public fight with the Department of Health for refusing to wear gloves that resulted in his very public firing.

He then resurfaced eight months later with Sushi on Jones, only now to have parted ways with that team and strike out on his own with Sushi by Bou. He also had a more upscale concept, Sushi Bouhadana, in the works, but it’s unclear if that will ever come to fruition — Bowery Boogie now reports that the Sushi on Jones team is moving forward on that space without him.

Despite all the back and forth, the splitting of Bouhadana and Sushi on Jones means there has never been a better time to eat affordable sushi in New York City. Beyond these 30-minute omakases are the openings of Los Angeles import Sugarfish with its $39 omakase and Katsuei’s new $60 option in the West Village, among others.