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What the Heck Is Going on at Andanada?

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Is the Michelin-starred restaurant ghosting us?

One of the dining rooms at Andanada

Michelin-starred Spanish restaurant Andanada is closed, albeit only temporarily, we think? Here’s what we know:

According to West Side Rag, the restaurant at 141 West 69 Street appears to have been closed during dinner service the last couple of days. West Side Rag notes “an employee next door said he thinks they are closed, and a UPS notice was on the door when we stopped by.” Still, Andanada is pretty active on its social media accounts, urging its Twitter and Facebook followers to make reservations as recently as a day ago.

Yet click the Open Table link and visitors receive the following message: “Please note that Andanada is currently closed for renovations. We look forward to seeing you soon!” (Reservations become available again starting June 1.)

So, let’s say Andanada is closed temporarily. Why only share this information on Open Table? Why not offer a voicemail greeting or a sign on the door? Is Andanada ghosting us? Or is this more like breadcrumbing?

Andanada opened on the Upper West Side in early November 2012 and received its Michelin star in 2015. Of Andanada and its opening chef Manuel Berganza the Michelin Guide wrote: “Wildly creative small plates, courtesy of Chef Manuel Berganza, take this vibrant Spanish favorite to the next level. A number of inventive items have graced the menu of late-a nod, perhaps, to Berganza's invigorated spirit.”

Berganza departed from the restaurant in February 2017, announcing on his Instagram that he was leaving to open a new restaurant in Singapore.

Eater has reached out to Andanada and will update with details as we get them.