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Red Farm’s Ed Schoenfeld Is Sitting Pretty in His Newark Home — and More Intel

Chelsea Market addresses overcrowding, plus more vital info

Ed Schoenfeld wears a sweater and holds a phone at the host stand. In the background, customers can be seen eating in a busy dining room.
Ed Schoenfeld
Daniel Krieger

— Meal delivery service Munchery is getting into the lunch game, in which it perplexingly wasn’t already involved. It’s only available so far in Midtown East, but Midtown West, Flatiron, Chelsea, Financial District, West Village, and Soho will follow in the coming weeks. So if you like anonymously-made, delivered-to-your-door lunch, stay tuned.

— Owner Ed Schoenfeld shows off his Newark, NJ home in the New York Post today, and the newspaper aptly describes it as “shockingly fabulous.” Schoenfeld’s designer Sasha Bikoff is also the woman behind his upcoming Union Square restaurant, The Mess.

— A secret mural has surfaced at the new location of 30-year-old Upper West Side restaurant Bella Luna (574 Columbus Ave.), with mysterious origins. West Side Rag reports that the search for the mural’s history uncovered neat details about the space’s past, including time as a bar, a florist shop, and a gourmet grocery store. The whole twisted story is here, and the mural currently serves as the restaurant’s backdrop.

— The impending Upper East Side location at 1402 Second Ave. of Soho taqueria La Esquina has set an opening date. Expertly timed to coincide with Cinco de Mayo, the fast casual restaurant will open the week of May 5.

— Can’t stand going to Chelsea Market because of the crowds? They are well aware, and thus limiting the times tour groups can visit Time Out NY reports. Groups are now only allowed in from 8:30 a.m. to 11 am. and after 4 p.m., potentially making a lunch trip more bearable.

Fans of Pizza Rat will delight in Taco Squirrel, spotted yesterday high above Brooklyn:

— Please welcome a new cocktail bar to the Lower East Side drinking scene, this one called Kind Regards and taking up residence in the former rock bar Cake Shop space at 152 Ludlow St. DNA Info reports that the bright space is infused with lots of white, pink, and greenery, making it quite perfectly on trend. Owner Nick Bodor also owned Cake Shop, and has very intentionally rebranded the space, focusing on light cocktails, Concave coffee, Roberta’s pastries, and performance nights with new partners Michael Bray and Tim Evans.

— Here are two very quickly forthcoming openings to watch out for: Macaron Parlour’s move from the East Village to the Lower East Side at 44 Hester Street; and Tea-Whisk, a matcha tea shop with a focus on the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, headed to 74 E. 7th Street.

— Long Island City’s 20-year-old Junior’s Cafe has shuttered, pointing to rising rent as the cause of its demise.

— Eater’s resident coffee fiend Matt Buchanan is quoted in a New York Times piece on the rise of “good coffee” in Midtown. Buchanan predicts the Financial District will be coffee’s next frontier.

— Here’s a special claim to fame for Delmonico’s: The storied downtown steakhouse was the first in New York City to serve women unescorted by men. In 1868, Delmonico’s hosted The Sorosis Club, an all-female women’s organization, and to honor that day, it’ll be hosting chef Patti Jackson (Delaware and Hudson) as the kitchen’s guest chef for a Ladies Luncheon Menu series. From April 20 to April 30, the special menu is available for lunch, with seasonal dishes like Long island duck breast with rhubarb, celery pecan gratin, and sautéed spinach available a la carte.

— Any national food day is a silly thing to celebrate, but that being said, Grand Central is holding some pretty great deals for Friday, April 7’s alleged National Beer Day. The full list of offerings is here, but standouts include half-price Mexican beers and a taco special at La Chula and $8 for any beer at Great Northern Food Hall.

— And finally, in honor of the fish boom currently happening in NYC, here’s a video on the freshest seafood in Tijuana: