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Here’s How to Skip the Four-Hour Sugarfish Sushi Line

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Yay for delivery

A Sugarfish delivery order
A Sugarfish delivery order

Ain’t nobody got time to wait in popular Los Angeles sushi import Sugarfish’s epic, four-hour lines. Despite the fact that the affordable omakase spot opened five months ago, the wait to dine can still be unbearable, with hosts having to cut off the list at certain points of the night. But, true to form, online delivery services Postmastes and DoorDash are on it, and have started to deliver sushi, eliminating the need for you to subject yourself to that wait.

Both services offer the same menu (and same prices), with options for rolls of your choice, or Sugarfish’s signature “Trust Me” option, which is just another name for an omakase. Notably, DoorDash is offering free delivery this week in a promotion for the restaurant’s arrival on the service.

The receipt
The order status
The receipt (left) and order status (right)
Jessie Morris

Eater reader Jessie Morris ordered from DoorDash on Tuesday, and while it took a little over an hour to get her food, she said tasted just like she remembered from eating it in LA. Plus, the restaurant packages it in handy to-go boxes with separate compartments and containers for every sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.

While dining in a restaurant is usually a better way to experience a meal, Sugarfish delivery might actually be the more sane way to try sushi, albeit at a more expensive price from delivery and service fees, as well as gratuity. On the other hand, it’s a small price to pay for your time.


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