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Avocado Bar Is Opening in Brooklyn, Because NYC is a Parody of Itself Now

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Avocaderia is a few days late to be an April Fool's joke

Avocaderia Avocaderia

Put on your cutest outfit, grab your Instagram husband, and brace: A restaurant claiming to be “the world’s first avocado bar” is opening in Brooklyn. The Times reports today that a gaggle of Italians who fell in love with avocados will soon debut Avocaderia, a place dedicated to serving the creamy fruit in various forms.

The website and potential menu makes the bar sound like a parody of trendy foods of the moment — “toasts, salads, bowls and smoothies.” Avocados may be spread on breads. They may be stacked into a tartare-looking thing. Owners Francesco Brachetti, Alberto Gramini, and Alessandro Biggi will even sous vide some menu items — which they say brings “unique authenticity” — though it’s not clear if the avocados will get the treatment.

Brachetti apparently fell in love with avocado while living in Mexico. The Italy native never ate them in his home country, and he convinced his Italian friends Gramini, a chef, and Biggi to open the Avocaderia. Although there has been a bit of an avocado shortage recently, the crew claims they source from a specific consortium of Mexican farmers that are “respectful of the environment and the rights of their employees.”

The new health-focused spot in Sunset Park’s Industry City will offer all the avocado dishes to go, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t make the stand ‘gram-friendly. It has a white wall with a variety of green potted plans and a neon sign declaring “Smash in NYC.”


254 36th St. , Brooklyn, NY 11232