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Whole Foods Union Square Salad Bar Speaks Truth We Already Know

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Whole Foods salad bar
The salad bar at Whole Foods Union Square
Daniela Galarza

It’s getting late, hunger is striking, no plans have been made, and there it is, right by the train home — the Whole Foods prepared foods section, gently calling your name as the last ditch effort to feed yourself without gorging on calories. You walk in and the plethora of options is both overwhelming and so, so underwhelming.

Then you see it. A sign that speaks the truth of what you are feeling so accurately, right above a note that optimistically calls the food “beautiful” and “tantalizing.”

Ah yes. That sounds about right.

Whole Foods is reportedly fixing the sign now — one of many other issues the gourmet grocery is having. Stock prices have been bad, and another grocery company might be buying it out of trouble. The chain is even lowering its notoriously high prices in hopes of dropping its “whole paycheck” reputation.

At least other New York shops have better dining options, like the new coffee bar and bakery at the Bowery location and the Frankies Spuntino outpost in Whole Foods Bryant Park. There is, in fact, life beyond the saad bar.

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