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Major Food Group’s The Grill Is Now Taking Reservations

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The Four Seasons revamp opens in May


Major Food Group’s revamp of the former Four Seasons space is getting truly real — as of right this moment, The Grill is accepting reservation requests.

The midcentury American restaurant will be the first of three restaurants to open in the Seagram building, with a debut slated for the first week of May. People interested in nailing down their spot to experience what will likely be the year’s most scrutinized restaurant opening can email It will only be open for dinner initially, meaning plans for the next big power lunch must wait.

Partners Rich Torrisi, Mario Carbone, and Jeff Zalaznick looked at historic menus at places like the original Four Seasons and ‘21’ Club for the food at The Grill, but they tell the Times today that all the dishes will new. From Flo Flab:

The menu by Mario Carbone, the chef and a partner in Major Food, features dishes from that era, like steak tartare, scallops in snail butter, mock turtle soup, avocado crab Louis and lobster Newburg. It also includes honey-mustard duckling, filet mignon any of three ways (including with oysters), and Dover sole finished tableside like a number of other dishes, including the spit-roasted prime rib roast with deviled bones, carved on a silver trolley.

A signature Four Seasons dish was the crab cake; the Grill’s is called the Seagram crab cake. “It’s all crab meat, no filler,” Mr. Zalaznick said.

It will also have a buffet with cold dishes like cured salmon, crudites, and terrines. Zalaznick has previously said that they anticipate diners spending about $150 per person, including wine. The dining experience will reportedly be a show. The Grill has been hosting friends and family dinners all month, and people have already been posting Instagrams of some of the table-side theatrics.

The space itself sounds pretty lush, too. Though they can’t make significant changes since the room is landmarked, MFG has added “thick oxblood carpet, leather Knoll chairs, and new banquettes,” according to the Times. The once-maligned balcony now also has “plush Burgundy banquettes” that have a view of the dining room in an effort to boost their real-estate value.

Stay tuned for photos of the space, the food, and more.

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