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Rainbow Lattes, Dumpling Burgers, and More New Novelty Foods — Plus Intel

No one asked for these

novelty food
An iced rainbow latte from The Good Sort versus a taco-topped pizza from Tony Boloney’s
The Good Sort/Tony Boloney’s

— When it comes to NYC’s next novelty food craze, what will reign supreme? There are three dishes currently in the running: a matcha, beetroot, and turmeric latte version of the unicorn frappuccino from The Good Sort in Chinatown, a taco-topped pizza over in Hoboken at Tony Boloney’s, and a dumpling burger — literally momo dumplings with cheese, lettuce, and special sauce on a bun — at Williamsburg’s newly-rebooted Chinese Club. May the odds be ever in their favor.

— Pizza lovers, take note: Zia Esterina, the new Little Italy fried pizza shop (112 Mulberry St.) from the most famous pizzaiolo in Naples, has officially opened its doors to the public. Head here for all the details on the opening.

Tuck Hospitality Group, Restaurant Division of iPic Entertainment, Presents NYC Premiere Of James Beard Documentary Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Tuck Hospitality Groupo/iPic Entertainment

— NYC food elite turned out last night for the premiere of James Beard: America’s First Foodie. Chefs and food personalities Ted Allen, Marc Murphy, Jonathan Waxman, Jacques Pepin, and more were all in attendance to watch the film about the influential chef’s life.

— There’s some investor drama regarding the now-shuttered The Comfort in Chelsea. DNA Info reports that Judith Dauber wrote a $75,000 check to owner Ira Freehof, and she is now suing to get it back.

— It might be a bit harder to get a beer in Long Island, now that the employees of major beer distributor Clare Rose are on strike. “When there is no Bud, Heineken or other beer brands at the supermarket or bar, Long Islanders will know who to blame: Clare Rose executives,” the union president told the Daily News.

— Some openings, coming attractions, and closings for your information: matcha tea shop Setsugekka is now open at 74 East Seventh Street; the Lower East Side’s Lucky Bee is headed to the Hamptons this summer; Queens noodle shop Fun Rice Noodle will add a Manhattan outpost at 229 First Avenue in June; and 18-year-old Upper West Side deli Artie’s has shuttered after filing for bankruptcy last year.

— Lastly, start your week off right with a hit from novelty food past — the phorrito: