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Balthazar: A Day in the Life

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Live updates from a day’s service at the iconic 20-year-old Soho French brasserie

A black and white photo of a server moving through a crowded dining room. Daniel Krieger

Friday, April 21 is officially Balthazar Day here at Eater NY — follow along all day as we plant ourselves at the iconic Soho brasserie, which turns 20 years old today. To commemorate the occasion, the editors, reporters, and other Eater staff will be spending the whole day at a table in the restaurant liveblogging the event. We’ll be visited by a slew of staff from the restaurant — including several people who have worked there for all 20 years! — and will be talking what’s old, what’s new, and what’s happening right now in one of the most influential restaurants in New York City.

The legendary French restaurant from Keith McNally opened on April 21, 1997, and was the hottest spot in town for years. Over time, its warm interior and classic brasserie fare reverberated to restaurants across the city, and 20 years later, Balthazar is still one of New York’s essential restaurants.

Now that the action’s over, catch up here:


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