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Trapizzino Is the Hot Pocket of Your Dreams

In this episode of Cult Following, Serena visits the first U.S. location of the chain

It’s a pizza. It’s a pocket. It’s a sandwich — it’s Trapizzino, a food that sounds like a gimmick but is actually an earnest (and popular) street food in Rome. Chef Stefano Callegari, a reputable pizzaiolo in Italy, invented it in 2008 after seeking a way to eat classic Roman dishes on the go. It was a hit, and the restaurant quickly grew into a mini-chain.

In this episode of Cult Following, host Serena Dai visits the first U.S. location of the restaurant in New York City. Callegari explains that each “pocket” portion of the trapizzino is made out of a fluffy triangle of pizza bianca. They’re then stuffed with super traditional Roman dishes that take hours to make — and that hold cultural significance in the ancient city.

With options like braised oxtail and tongue in salsa verde, it’s an item that speaks not only to food lovers but to Roman history. Watch the video to see hear more about the unique food.


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