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Bulletproof Coffee Plots a Butter-Laced Coffee Shop For NYC

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The food trend that you thought died aims for a comeback

Bulletproof Coffee Bulletproof Coffee/Facebook

Silicon Valley-born butter-in-coffee company Bulletproof Coffee — which very much had a media moment a few years ago but has since kind of disappeared into the black hole of food trends past — will be opening a cafe right here in New York City, the third location nationwide.

Bloomberg reports that founder and self-described “biohackerDave Asprey wants to turn the cult following behind Bulletproof into a mainstream business. The coffee itself has a couple tablespoons of grass-fed butter and something that Asprey calls “brain octane oil,” a combo that he claims helps with weight loss, energy, and brain function. People are supposed to drink it as a meal.

It’s a claim that has been debunked as a fad diet and has been called “a scheme to get you to buy some very expensive magic beans.” Still, the company says that sales went up by 37 percent in 2016, driven by an online store and placement in stores like Whole Foods, according to Bloomberg. The New York expansion is just one of several new cafes planned. Austin, Chicago, and San Francisco may soon have an outpost as well.

Details are still slim on where the New York location will be and what it will look like, but it will likely have grab-and-go food. The Santa Monica, California location serves breakfast burritos and bone broth.

Word is that the original locations in Santa Monica and Los Angeles have their dedicated followers, but most people roll their eyes. And although Bulletproof is credited with launching the butter-in-coffee trend, a couple non-Bulletproof-branded cafes in NYC already serve butter coffee. Greek yogurt cafe Greecologies in Soho, for instance, has been doing it since it opened in 2014, arguably the peak of butter coffee visibility after a Times trend piece.

Eater has reached out to Bulletproof and will update with further info.

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