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New Boba Room Exhibit Is an Adult Version of a Ball Pit, Plus Bubble Tea

Prepare for the latest Instagram sensation

The Boba Room Chaimi Food Studio

We can all now experience the level of joy only previously seen on President Bill Clinton’s face during a balloon downpour. That’s because The Boba Room is coming, an interactive bubble tea exhibit dedicated to all things boba.

The 1,600-square-feet space, created by Chaimi Food Studio was inspired by a unique thought from co-founders Yanqiong Zeng and Iris Danlu Xing that “life would be amazing if it occurred in a cup of bubble tea which constantly replenished its stock with the best tapioca and tea that Jesus himself could find.”

That quirky idea translates into a pop-up space that aspires to make visitors feel like they're walking through a cup of bubble tea, replete with 25-inch “boba” balloons to toss around, and art installations like six-foot-long gummy smiley faces, hearts, and lollipops, and neon lighting. Naturally, there’s edible bubble tea included in the price of a $10 ticket, from Vivi Bubble Tea Tales LES, Tea and Milk, Pa Tea, and Gong Cha.

Only glimpses are available of the space now, but Zeng sure does seem to be having a good time:

The exhibit brings to mind the wildly-popular ice cream museum, which inspired legions of Instagrammers to line up for the sprinkle photo.

The Boba Room will be open from April 22 through May 6 at 355A Bowery. Tickets here.

The Boba Room
The Boba Room
The Boba Room