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How the Butchers at White Gold Break Down an Entire Animal

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From steers to lambs to pigs — and a whole bunch of chickens

The crew at Upper West Side restaurant and butcher White Gold deal with several whole animals a week — sometimes ten steers, five lambs, six pigs, and a whole bunch of chickens. But the space is used both as a restaurant as a butcher, meaning that room is limited to break all those animals down.

Butchers Erika Nakamura and Jocelyn Guest — who are partners in the restaurant with April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman — have to use multiple levels of the space to do their jobs. That means lots of heavy lifting and creativity with equipment at 375 Amsterdam Ave.

Once the meat is cut, people can either buy pieces of beef, lamb, or in-house blended sausages directly from Nakamura or Guest to bring it home to cook. The same meat also goes into restaurant meals at White Gold and in the burgers at Bloomfield’s other restaurants, like Salvation Burger, The Spotted Pig, and the Breslin.

Anybody who goes to White Gold can see part of the whole butchering process close up. "That’s something we thought was important,” Guest has told Eater. “It’s a matter of transparency." Check out the video above to see how she and Nakamura maximize the White Gold space.

White Gold Butchers

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