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Suvir Saran’s Tapestry Closes After 10 Months

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The team is planning a new project

Tapestry Nick Solares

Suvir Saran’s Indian restaurant Tapestry closed yesterday after ten months. According to the New York Times, the Greenwich Avenue restaurant shuttered because of high rents and low covers. Saran tells FloFab: “The overhead was high, and we had to do two turns a night and were only doing one.”

Tapestry first opened on May 2016 and marked Saran’s big return to a restaurant kitchen since leaving Devi in 2012. Tapestry became known for combining flavors from different cuisines including French, Italian, Mexican, and Portuguese. “I wish people would understand that our food should represent how global the world is,” the chef tells Eater.

Saran applies this idea to his newest project, Unico Taco, which he opened last month in Long Island City with Roni Mazumdar (The Masalawala). “We wanted to give the neighborhood a place to eat something quick and delicious,” says Saran. “The idea was to have tacos that were global, where the tortilla was just a wrapper, and each is from a different part of the world.”

Tapestry may have closed just yesterday, but the chef is already thinking about his next project. According to Saran, it’s still in the very early stages. We will keep you posted.

Tapestry [NYC]

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