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Bamboo Garden, One of Sunset Park’s Best Dim Sum Restaurants, Closes

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The phone is out of service at the longtime dim sum hall

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Bamboo Garden Robert Sietsema

It looks like one of Sunset Park’s finest Chinese restaurants has shuttered. Bamboo Garden, a bustling dim sum restaurant near the border of Dyker Heights, no longer has a working phone number, and both its Yelp and Google pages list it as permanently closed. The most recent public posts are from late last month.

The restaurant at 6409 8th Ave. is one of the newer dim sum dining halls to open in Sunset Park, which saw a burst of dim sum restaurants in the last decade. The sprawling restaurant was often packed to the brim on weekends, when families filled the banquet-style tables to eat from roaming carts. It also served an expansive to-order menu, but most people knew it for the daytime dim sum fare.

Eater critic Robert Sietsema considered it the best dim sum in the neighborhood, particularly due to a delectable mix of classic dim sum dishes like shrimp dumplings and newer inventions like sweet potato dumplings. It has been on the Eater 38 since last summer, tops the Grub Street list of best Sunset Park restaurants, and has long been a favored restaurant for both neighborhood locals and citywide food enthusiasts.