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Tacombi Will Soon Sling Its Killer Yucatan Tacos In Williamsburg And Midtown

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The beachy taqueria chain is expanding

A high-ceilinged dining with white walls is emblazoned with the words “cervecería y taqueria.”
Tacombi on Bleecker Street
Nick Solares

Mini-taco chain Tacombi is expanding the footprint of its fresh corn tortillas to both Williamsburg and Midtown. The popular chain with bright, beachy vibes will be opening outposts at 335 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg and on the West 33rd Street side of the Empire State building.

It will be the fifth and sixth locations for the chain. The restaurant started as out of a VW bus on the Yucatan beach in 2005 and first opened in Nolita at 267 Elizabeth St. in 2010. Since then, it has opened in Flatiron, in the West Village, and on Long Island on Montauk — dishing out tacos filled with ingredients like fried cod, barbacoa, suckling pig, and roasted corn. Locations also serve drink menus including sangria, cocktails, and lots of fresh juice. Each one has a casual, festive atmosphere, making the larger restaurants big hits with groups.

Different outposts offer different menus, but the Tacombi team says they do not yet have more information on what might be unique at new Williamsburg or Midtown locations. Opening dates are still up in the air, so stay tuned for details.