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See the Menu for Chef Mark Ladner’s New Restaurant, Pasta Flyer

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The fast-casual restaurant will debut in a few weeks

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Ken Goodman

The menu is out for Pasta Flyer, the fast-casual spot from former Del Posto chef Mark Ladner. The chef recently left the world of upscale Italian dining — where he developed a reputation for being a pasta whisperer — to pursue the new Italian fast food concept. The first location opens in Greenwich Village at 510 6th Ave. in the next few weeks.

Just as Ladner promised, people can get out of Pasta Flyer without spending more than $10. It’s part of his effort “to prove fast food can be high-quality and inexpensive,” according to a statement. He expects check averages to be between $8 and $10.

Diners will be able to choose between three kinds of pastas, including a gluten-free one that Ladner has been developing for years. From there, people have the option of three sauces: tomato marinara, basil pesto, and meat ragu, with the latter two costing $1 more. For another $1, visitors can add pork sausage meatballs, and for 50 cents, they can add toppings like garlic bread crumbs or whipped ricotta cheese.

Sides include garlic dots, spicy broccoli rabe, fried cauliflower, and a salad with braised lentil dressing and pecorino cheese. Take a look below:

Pasta Flyer menu by Eater NY on Scribd

All the pastas will be cooked al dente with the goal to serve diners within three minutes of ordering.

Ladner is one of several chefs trying his hand at a fast-casual pasta restaurant. As Eater reported this week, it’s a particularly difficult endeavor when compared to other fast food restaurants. But Ladner eventually wants to take Pasta Flyer national. Stay tuned for photos of the food and more from the chef soon.

Pasta Flyer

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