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Stop What You’re Doing: Salt Bae Is in New York

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And he’s saying yes to selfies

Salt Bae with a lucky fan

Nusret Gökçe, known by many as Salt Bae, has arrived in New York City. Second only to a mid-hiking selfie with Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2017's coolest sighting is also the year's biggest meme star.

As far as Eater knows, only three devotees of the Bae have been lucky enough to snag a photo, both in Madison Square Park. Is Mr. Bae scouting locations for his New York restaurant in the area? Dare he attempt the to move in on the land currently dominated by Danny Meyer and the Nomad crew? Did he have Shake Shack for lunch?

What we do know is that Bae was last seen wearing a red turtleneck with a black blazer. Sources close to Eater tell us his flowing hair is not in its usual man bun and he’s sporting black sunglasses.

It’s been a busy week for Bae, who earlier this week was hanging out with the Narcos crew, and just yesterday was reportedly sprinkling salt around Dallas. If you see a salt Bae in your neighborhood, do let us know.


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Salt Bae Sighting

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