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Le Turtle Trolls Chrystie Street with Two-Way Mirror

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And it’s perfect

Le Turtle
Le Turtle
Daniel Krieger

Very rarely (we mean never), does a restaurant get to poke fun at its visitors. But in a marvelous display of trolling, artsy French restaurant Le Turtle has been filming visitors to its Chrystie Street, two-way mirror in an Instagram series called “Mirror Mondays.” It chronicles unassuming movers in the worlds of fashion, art, restaurant supplies, and burlesque walk by Le Turtle daily, with restaurant’s staff recording the high jinks.

It all started in November 2016, when the restaurant’s Instagram posted this video of a yet-undiscovered model. Since then visitors to the mirror have included a man stopping to make sure his teeth are clean, another man very concerned about his hair, and plenty of folks perfecting their latest selfie. Le Turtle even manages to tie the hilarity into a marketing strategy, like this video of a man very concerned with his look with the caption, “The effort he puts into his hair is reminiscent of the effort we put into your dining experience.”

As far as successful pranks go, a hidden camera is the key to success. Bravo, Le Turtle. Here now, enjoy some of the highlights.

dude, you got this #leturtlemirror #mirrormondays

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consider this our gift to you #themegamix #leturtlemirror #mirrormonday

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Mirror Monday Mega Mix #leturtlemirror #mirrormonday #spotlessselfies

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