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Eataly Is Hosting a Sober, Early-Morning Toga Party — and More Intel

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Plus, a hidden, all-pink cafe in Bushwick and other NYC news

Chicken coconut noodles from Rangoon NoodleLab, an orange broth in a white bowl
Chicken coconut noodles from Rangoon NoodleLab
Paul Crispin Quitoriano

— Portland chef Jenn Louis, of Lincoln, is visiting New York next month to promote her second cookbook, The Book of Greens, and to celebrate, Anita Lo will be hosting her for a collaboration dinner at her elegant West Village restaurant Annisa. The dinner will be on Monday, April 3, and will offer five courses. Tickets cost $170 and include a signed copy of the cookbook. It’s one of the last collaboration dinners to happen at Annisa, which closes at the end of May.

Eataly Downtown is transforming into a daytime bacchanal next Wednesday morning with yoga and then a DJ and dancing. The “When in Rome: Flower Crowns & Togas” morning dance party will have yoga from 6 to 9 a.m. and then the rave-like (but sober) dance party from 7 to 9 a.m. Breakfast items like Roman pizzas, crostatas, and focaccia will be served. Basically, imagine Eataly looking like this:

This, but at 7 a.m.

Tickets can be purchased here.

— A cafe-cum-salon just opened on the Lower East Side, and apparently it is very popular already. Chillhouse, at 149 Essex Street, serves Parlor coffee, Maman pastries, and wine, and it offers manicures and massages.

— Elsewhere on the LES, Indian restaurant Khushboo has closed after three years in the neighborhood.

— DNAInfo has this story on a truly commendable man who ate at nearly 400 restaurants along Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights — as research for his PhD on urban planning, food, and immigrant neighborhoods. Noah Allison says his research paper “will illustrate how global immigrant neighborhoods are shaping the city.” He’s hoping it will encourage the government to divert more resources to help such communities.

— A relatively new Australian cafe in East Williamsburg is difficult to find and very, very pink. Blog Bushwick Daily calls Carthage Must Be Destroyedan exclusive organic breakfast and lunch eatery” that can only be found by walking up a lengthy, abandoned driveway and looking for a pipe that says “222” on Bogart Street. Once inside, you can find several toasts, porridge, sandwiches, and a yellow fish curry for breakfast. The space is almost entirely pink, making the cafe somehow both Instagram bait and inaccessible.

@soberwhisper beautiful xox

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It’s not the first restaurant to go all-in with the pink. Pietro Nolita, an Italian restaurant on Elizabeth Street, opened last fall with a hyper-pink interior.

— More good news for fans of Burmese food, one of the more difficult-to-find cuisines in New York. Rangoon NoodleLab is launching lunch at Bushwick bar the Bodega starting Monday, March 20. Expect sandwiches, rice bowls, and salads. Eater critic Robert Sietsema is a fan of the chef, Myo Moe.

— Now, see how Park Slope bakery Colson Patisserie makes a ton of croissants:

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