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The Nomad’s Executive Chef James Kent Leaves For ‘Solo Adventure’

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Word is that he’s opening in a high profile space

James Kent Nomad

The executive chef of Daniel Humm and Will Guidara’s game-changing, Michelin-starred restaurant The Nomad is leaving to embark on a “solo adventure.” James Kent started as the executive chef of the restaurant back in 2013, but he’s been working with Humm for nearly a decade. Under his tenure, the chic hotel restaurant has maintained its place in the city as one of the most consistently great restaurants in the city. The New York-raised chef previously worked as the chef de cuisine at Eleven Madison Park and is also apparently a graffiti artist.

In a heartfelt goodbye on Instagram, Humm wrote that the two of them were “like long lost brothers.” “Chef, I wish you massive success on your next big solo adventure and thank you for years of loyalty, laughter and delicious food!” the caption says.

The EMP team did not have additional comment. Kent did not immediately respond to requests for more details, though he posted this thank you to the EMP team on Instagram.

Stay tuned for more information — word is that it’s in a high profile space. A solo project from Kent could end up being a big deal for the fine dining world. At the every least, it already has the endorsement of Humm.

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