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NYC Now Sells the Most Expensive Cup of Coffee in the U.S., and More Intel

Openings include Feed Your Soul Bakery, O Cafe, Vintage Wine Bar, and another San Loco — plus more NYC news

Alpha Dominche
Alpha Dominche has opened in Industry City.
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

— There’s never been a better — and apparently more expensive — time than now to drink coffee in NYC. As Florence Fabricant reported in the New York Times last week, new coffee shop Extraction Lab has opened in Industry City in Sunset Park as the headquarters of Alpha Dominche, the company behind the ultra-fancy “steampunk” machine, which Bedford and Bowery describes as “a cross between a French press and a draft beer tap. . . operated by an iPad app and designed to combine all the elements of drip, French press, and espresso brewing.” But what Flo Fab did not mention is that the new shop produces an $18 cup of coffee — yes, you read that right. That means NYC officially has the country beat in highest coffee price, with the last reported most-expensive cup as $16 in San Francisco. If you’d like to try the bougie brew, the Extraction Lab is open at 51 35th St. in Brooklyn on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring a credit card. — Stefanie Tuder

We will offer @1872clippertea on the Steampunk with tried and true recipes they use in their shops in Singapore !

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Is longtime West Village art haven Cornelia Street Cafe in trouble? It appears so, as owners Robin Hirsch and Angelo Verga wrote to the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. Apparently rent is 77 times what it was when the culture-driven cafe opened in 1977. According to owners: “Suzanne Vega sang her first songs in front of our cappuccino machine when we were still one room. Eve Ensler developed her Vagina Monologues after we expanded downstairs. Senator Eugene McCarthy has read his poetry and Dr Oliver Sacks his prose. . . . Roald Hoffmann, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, conducts a regular Science Series.” They’re imploring people to patronize. Stay tuned for more. — ST

It’s “globalized, Asian contemporary” fare as opposed to Chinese food at Chinese Tuxedo, according to co-owner Jeff Lam, from China, in The New Yorker. Chinese Tuxedo is areincarnation of a restaurant that was located across the street a century ago, when it boasted of being the finest eatery in Chinatown and its name evoked colonial Shanghai glamour and lascivious vices.”

Caviar Kaspia is extending its run at Spring Place, Page Six has learned. Based on the 90 year-old destination spot in Paris with a cult following, the NYC space was designed by “Fellini of Fashion,” Alexandre de Betak. “What I believe New York really needs is a somewhat old-fashioned, un-designed design that brings that unexplainable feeling of tradition that you get in Paris when you go to Caviar Kaspia,” he told Architectural Digest. The menu includes a carpaccio of Norwegian salmon, crab salad, and trios royal and imperial caviars. In addition to over 20 types of vodka and 30 selections of Champagne, there is the caviar martini.

Feed Your Soul Bakery will open its first storefront cafe at 14 Wall St. on March 1st. The bakery has operated as an online retailer for cookies, brownies, and other baked goods for nearly a decade. Owner Mya Zoracki says the café will offer signature sweets, unique desserts, and trend-setting savory items, such as the eatery’s Spaghetti Pie, as well as coffee from a local roasting plant.

O Cafe has opened at 61 Hester St., the pottery shop and restaurant from Argentinian Fernando Aciar. “ A design boutique, an all-day café, a pottery studio and a catering service,” this is the third location for O Cafe, with the others at 482 6th Ave. and at The New School (6 E. 16th St., 8th Floor).

—With locations in the East Village, the Lower East Side, and Williamsburg, Tex-Mex restaurant, San Loco is opening a fourth location in Bushwick (582 Bushwick Ave.) this week.

Vintage Wine Bar opens in Astoria (23-14 Ditmars Blvd.) this week. In February, the bar will donate a portion of its wine sales to PS 122, which is across the street.

— And finally, for your AM consumption, Turntable’s Chimek