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Mario Batali Wants to Serve You Flaming Pork Fat

La Sirena dishes up tapas with an exclamation point

When Mario Batali’s newest NYC restaurant first opened, reviews were mixed, to say the least. To turn things around, Batali brought in chef Anthony Sasso to create a playful selection of tapas that could make La Sirena stand out. In this episode of Consumed, Eater NY’s Serena Dai stops by to see what’s new.

Sasso wanted to create an array of delicious, playful dishes. According to him, tapas don’t need to take themselves so seriously: "We want you to lick your fingers, love the flavors of these dishes, get a little dirty if you have to, and just get into it."

The inventive dishes, like jamon served wrapped around a salt globe and whole shrimp covered in olive oil mousse, are all meant to be eaten by hand. Even though the plates are small, surprising preparations and unusual ingredients make everything feel special, thanks to Sasso’s philosophy: "You’ve got to make sure that everything on the plate has an exclamation point." Watch the video above to learn more.

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La Sirena

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