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A Chocolate Museum Is Opening In NYC

Jacques Torres is debuting one at his Soho store

Jacques Torres
The Jacques Torres Soho-Hudson location
Jacques Torres

Legendary chocolatier Jacques Torres will soon be opening a museum dedicated to all things chocolate. Choco-Story New York, The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres will be a permanent fixture of the Jacques Torres chocolate shop that’s been at 350 Hudson St. for a while now. No details yet on what exactly the museum will be like, but an invite to the opening of the museum next week notes that tastings and chocolate making are involved.

It’s not the first sweets-based museum to open in New York. Last summer, a Museum of Ice Cream popped up in the West Village across the street from the Whitney, promising “a lick-able, likable, shareable ice cream-centric experience.” It sold out almost immediately, launching a resale market where people sold their tickets for as much as $100 a pop. Alas, reviews were mixed for the actual experience of being in the museum. The Instagram set loved it, but others complained that it lacked substance and was more for taking cute photos than anything else.

Chocolate museums in general are also scattered around the world. Hershey, Penn. has one primarily focused on founder Milton Hersey, while a town in Canada has a museum in a former Ganong candy factory with antique equipment and vintage chocolate boxes. A place also called Choco-Story in Belgium looks at the history of how cocoa turned into chocolate, but no word yet if the Jacques Torres museum is affiliated with the Belgium one. Torres representatives declined to give any further information about the museum.

In theory, a museum entirely about chocolate sounds awesome for cocoa-loving nerds, but who knows — maybe it too will fall in the thirst trap of Instagram.

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