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A Burger King Theft, a Three-Alarm Fire, Plus More Intel

Friday starts New York City Beer Week and other news

Kevin Schmalandt
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

— There’s a three-alarm fire in Midtown that started in the duct work of TSQ Brasserie (723 7th Ave.) around 5 a.m., say fire authorities. More than 140 firefighters responded to the blaze, the Post reports. The fire has spread to other parts of the 12-story building.

— “She really wanted to have it her way.” A woman took $50 from a guy with a walker at a Bronx Burger King. When he took out the bill to pay, she snatched it from the counter, pushed the man aside, and ran, reports the Daily News.

H Mart is opening at 2828 Broadway in what had been D’Agostino. If it’s like the shop the Korean-owned grocery opened in Jericho in October, the 60,000 square-foot space includes a food court with bibimbap, a patisserie, and a Korean fried chicken counter.

Melt Bakery is opening on Thursday at 111 Front St. in Dumbo serving ice cream cookie sandwiches, the newest spot following Orchard Street location and High Line outpost. Look for $5 chocolate chip walnut with vanilla sandwiches, red velvet meltcakes with cream cheese, and molasses cookies with pumpkin ice cream.

— Starting Friday, it’s New York City Beer Week, with the kickoff party at the Brooklyn Expo Center, starting at 5:30 p.m. for VIPs ($70 a ticket) and 6:30 p.m. for general admission ($55 a ticket). Look for 50-plus brews and vendors from LIC Flea. Check out the programming here along with Saturday’s Fermentation Festival.

Black Tap and Junior’s are teaming up to offer The New Yorker milkshake —a cheesecake shake — from March 3rd-5th. “Though we have been making milkshakes for over 66 years,” says Junior’s owner, Alan Rosen, “this one truly takes the cake.” At $19, it certainly does. Classic shakes are usually $7 and crazy shakes are $15 on the Black Tap menu.

Black Tap/Junior’s

— Open for about a year, the West Village location of Bobwhite (57 7th Ave. South) has closed, the lunch and supper counter with a menu of fried chicken and Southern-inspired sides. The Alphabet City location at 94 Ave. C remains open.

Emily in Clinton Hill will start serving lunch on Saturdays from noon to 3 p.m., with items like a smoked duck sausage sandwich with an egg, cheddar cheese, and hash browns, as well as a bagel and lox-inspired pizza.

— Speaking of ice cream and milkshakes, perhaps you’d like to visit a video of Morgenstern’s.