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The Kellogg’s NYC Pop-Tarts Cafe Is the Pop-Up Your Inner Child Has Been Waiting For

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Sweet, sweet nachos, tacos, and burritos for one week only

Kellogg's NYC Serena Dai
Melissa McCart is the editor for Eater New York.

Tonight, Kellogg’s NYC will transform from its signature red into a Pop-Tarts blue space in preparation for a week-long pop-up as Pop-Tarts Cafe, starting tomorrow at 8 a.m. through Sunday —with a menu of tacos, burritos, pizza, cheesecake, milkshakes, and nachos, all made from the more than two-dozen flavors of the sweet toaster pastry.

The $9 nachos, for example, are Confetti Cupcake-flavored Pop-Tarts, cut into chips, drizzled with strawberry salsa, dolloped with frosting, sprinkles, and topped with a candle. “Looks like nachos, tastes like birthday,” says partner, Sandra Di Capua.

The six types of milkshakes seem to borrow a little inspiration from the baroque Black Tap creations. The hot fudge sundae milkshake is a blend of chocolate ice cream, milk, sprinkles, a whole fudge Pop-Tart, then another whole Pop-Tart is used as garnish in the whipped cream.

Kellogg’s NYC opened in July at 1600 Broadway, dedicated to bowls of cereal curated by Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi. The small restaurant, co-owned by Per Se alum Anthony Rudolf and Di Capua, seemed ridiculous — why would anyone pay $7.50 for a bowl of something that they can get a whole box of for less than $5? Yet because they do, it comes as no surprise that Pop-Tarts concoctions like tacos run for $9 and burritos average $12 each.

This isn’t the first Pop-Tarts pop-up in New York. The first had a more grandiose name, Pop-Tarts World Cafe, with a vast menu that included Pop-Tarts sushi, as well as machine that allowed visitors to make their own Pop-Tarts box with The Varietizer.