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The Longest Line in Town on a Sunday

It’s at Dō Cookie Dough Confections in the Village

Nick Solares

You’ve likely heard of Kristen Tomlan’s new shop in the Village, (pronounced dough), serving a variety of cookie dough flavors including cake batter, sugar cookie, peanut butter snickerdoodle, and oatmeal with M&M’s — available by the scoop, in a milkshake, or as part of an ice cream sundae. It opened in late January.

This morning the line was two hours long. “Just visited some friends on LaGuardia,” says Eater critic, Robert Sietsema, “And at 10:30 the line for the cookie dough place stretched and entire block, with waits estimated (by the wrangler at Do) to be 2 hours! It’s now across the street running by a children's park after businesses along the block complained that the line was ruining their business. A guy with a walkie talkie stands at the head of the line, communicating with a guy at the front door. They pass out chits to ten customers at a time, who cross the street and are allowed in.”

Unlike store-bought cookie dough, the dough at Dō is made with pasteurized eggs and heat-treated flour that guarantees it won’t make customers ill. The squeamish can take home Dō’s cookie dough and use it to bake cookies. And there’s also an off-menu dog treat, too.

Is this the longest line of the week or have you seen worse? Tell us in the comments.

Robert Sietsema