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Former Philippe Chow Head Takes Over UES Restaurant For Asian Steakhouse

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Jade Sixty will serve wagyu beef and sushi

Blu on Park
The interior of Blu on Park, which will soon be Jade Sixty
Photo via Facebook

A founder of splashy Chinese-ish chain Philippe Chow now has an address for the home of his next project, an Asian steakhouse called Jade Sixty.

Restaurateur Stratis Morfogen, who now owns Jue Land Club and Skinny’s Satay, will be taking over the Blue on Park space at 116 East 60th Street, between Lexington and Third avenues. He’s partnering up with Franco Moscato, who previously owned Rothman’s. Earlier this week, the staff of Blu on Park were spotted posting a “closed for renovation” sign at the space.

“He doesn't want a traditional steakhouse, and I don't want traditional Asian, so we married the two,” Morfogen says of Moscato. Apart from offering New York strip, porterhouse, and ribeye, Jade Sixty will feature wagyu and kobe, as well as roasted duck with homemade pancakes made table-side and a sushi and sashimi menu.

Skinny Mei, former chef at Jue Lan and Philippe will be executive chef, and Albert Diaz, who was chef at Zuma London and Miami, have been enlisted to create dishes such as torched wagyu with truffle; torched salmon belly with ikura and truffle; uni with yuzu, koshu, and shiso; and snow crab with brown butter ponzu.

Morfogen’s had a long history with upscale, Asian-ish, clubby restaurants. He helped found Philippe Chow. While there, he was involved in a legal battle with Mr. Chow, another upscale Asian restaurant that sued Morfogen for trademark infringement. Morfogen eventually left Philippe Chow and in 2015, opened Jue Lan Club, another upscale Chinese restaurant.

Morfogen and Moscato plan to open Jade Sixty over Christmas vacation and host a grand opening with lunch and dinner after the new year.

Jade Sixty Asian Steakhouse

116 East 60th Street, Manhattan, NY 10022 Visit Website