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Noho Star Closes on December 31 After 32 Years

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Plus, Governor Cuomo proposes a rise to the tipped minimum wage

Noho Star Photo via Noho Star/Facebook

Noho Star and Temple Bar to close this weekend

Saturday, December 31 marks the final day for 32-year-old casual American and Chinese cafe Noho Star and its sister cocktail bar Temple Bar. Citing “economic” reasons with the city, the two longtime neighborhood businesses, opened in the 1980s by late restaurateur George Schwarz — the guy behind Elephant and Castle and reviving Keens — will close alongside several other restaurants that won’t make it to 2018.

Governor Cuomo proposes raise to tipped minimum wage

In advance of the tipped minimum wage rise in New York state on January 1, Governor Andrew Cuomo has proposed an even larger increase, in advance of eliminating the tip credit entirely. Currently at $7.50, the tipped minimum wage will become $8.65 next week and $10 by the end of 2018. If Cuomo has his way, it’ll continue rising to $11. Meanwhile, the regular minimum wage becomes $13 next week and $15 at the end of 2018. Hearings will be held on this issue next year.

A few brunches to consider this week

In honor of this sticky slow week, a couple of restaurants are capitalizing on the increased brunch opportunities by offering the traditionally weekend meal every day this week. Tribeca brunch stronghold Bubby’s (120 Hudson Street) is serving its pies and brunch comfort food every day through New Year’s Day, and West Village Philly import High Street on Hudson (637 Hudson Street) will do the same for all those off this week and in desperate need of afternoon eggs.

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