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Shuttered East Village Cheese Shop Is Starting to Smell

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Plus, the big business of viral food — and more intel

East Village Cheese Shop
East Village Cheese Shop
Photo via Sari A./Yelp

East Village Cheese Shop is starting to rot

Mysteriously closed now for two weeks, with no word as to why and the phone number out of service, East Village Cheese Shop is starting to stink. The storefront at 80 East Seventh Street, between First and Second Avenues, has had its power shut off while being shuttered, which is leading to a potent odor of rotting cheese seeping into nearby businesses, like East Village Hats next door. According to EV Grieve, the landlord is aware of the situation but concerned about legally being able to enter the storefront — but there’s still no word on why this is happening.

Is Out East over?

Another curious closure case is Out East: The Long Island-inspired Lower East Side restaurant has reportedly been shuttered the last two nights, despite social media inviting people in. It hasn’t been the easiest eight months for the restaurant, with at least two head chef shuffles already occurring. Eater has reached out to the restaurant for more information.

New York magazine and Bloomberg weigh in on the best food of 2017

As the year quickly comes to a close, food writers everywhere are reflecting on what they ate in 2017. From New York magazine critic Adam Platt comes his best new restaurants, which include The Grill, Ato, Hanoi House, and Ugly Baby. As for Bloomberg’s Kate Krader, she kvelled over food from Atla, The Pool, Uchu, Sunday in Brooklyn, Madame Vo, and more.

The big business of viral food

No one will be surprised to discover that restaurants are striving to create food solely for Instagram these days — but it’s a bit shocking to see just how much of a business has been created around that. In a big story over on, data reporter Vince Dixon writes, “Many former pastry chefs, photographers, and (sometimes) students and part-timers have managed to crack the code of viral, attracting clients willing to pay to become the next Instagram hit.” Check out the full story here, which cites NY restaurants like Juniper Bar and Union Fare, and watch below for a look at if Instagrammable food equals good food: