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Popular West Coast Vegan Fast Food Chain Plans First NYC Location

Next Level Burger is kind of like By Chloe

Next Level Burger
A sampling from Next Level Burger
Photo via Next Level Burger

An Oregon-based vegan “burger” chain with an avid following is opening its first East Coast location in New York next year. Next Level Burger — known for plant-based burgers — will open at the end of January in the new Fort Greene Whole Foods 365 market at 300 Ashland Place.

It’s supposed to be a vegetable- and plant-packed version of burger joint, hence the name “Next Level Burger.” Aside from meat alternatives like tempeh, the fast food chain uses Beyond Burger — the “bleeding” plant-based product that’s supposed to mimic beef with beet juice acting as the blood. According to an Eater Seattle editor, Next Level Burger is not universally loved, but it still has a committed following. Concept-wise, it’s kind of like a less health-focused and less Instagram-baity version of By Chloe.

The restaurant first opened in Bend, Oregon in 2014 and now has five locations, all in Seattle and California. This new outpost will be the first one on this side of the country, serving the same menu of meat-free burgers, sandwiches, salads, hot dogs, shakes, and loaded fries. Options include fries topped with three-bean chili and a vegan cheddar, as well as a “burger” with a mushroom and quinoa patty topped with avocado, vegan cheese, and roasted garlic thyme mayo. Shakes are made with soy or coconut soft serve ice cream.

Here in New York, the new Next Level Burger will be inside the Whole Foods 365, but it will have its own seating area separate from the grocery store and its corresponding food court. In Portland and Concord, California, Next Level Burger also has a location in a Whole Foods 365, which is a smaller and more affordable version of the typical Whole Foods. Another regular Whole Foods in Seattle also has a Next Level Burger. The new NYC location will open on January 31.