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April Bloomfield Regrets Not Doing More to Stop Ken Friedman’s Bad Behavior, She Says

Plus, José Andrés doesn’t think diners should boycott restaurants in wake of allegations — and more intel

Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield
Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield
Photo by David Howells/Corbis via Getty Images

April Bloomfield releases new statement on Ken Friedman

Following explosive sexual harassment allegations against her business partner Ken Friedman, chef April Bloomfield has released an expanded statement on social media that expresses anger, regret, and remorse. In the Times exposé, Bloomfield had been accused of turning a blind eye to Friedman’s actions such as public groping, nude photo solicitations, and unwanted sexual advances, which she denies. Together, the two own restaurants such as The Spotted Pig, The Breslin, Salvation Taco, White Gold, and more. The statement is in full below.

José Andrés doesn’t think boycotting controversial restaurants is the answer

Do-gooder chef José Andrés has spoken out on a controversial topic: Should diners patronize the restaurants of those accused of sexual harassment? On the one hand, despite stepping away from day-to-day operations, Mario Batali and Ken Friedman will still profit off their businesses. On the other, hundreds of people earn their living at those places. According to Andrés, boycotting “will actually punish the people we are supposed to be supporting,” he tweeted in response to the question posed on the social media platform:

Bronx-born, Noma-trained pastry chef returns home with big plans

Malcolm Livingston II isn’t an immediately known name in NYC’s restaurant world, but he has a pretty major pedigree: pastry chef at Noma, a Copenhagen restaurant widely considered one of the world’s best. Now, Livingston has returned home to work on Ghetto Gastro, a “culinary collective” aimed to “bring the Bronx to the world, and the world to the Bronx,” he tells Grub Street.

Tex-Mex Javelina expands uptown

Headed to the Upper East Side is ill-received Union Square Tex-Mex restaurant Javelina. Back when it opened in 2015, Times critic Pete Wells skewered it with a passive-aggressive zero-star review. Nonetheless, the restaurant has survived — and apparently thrived. Now, tipsters note it’s opening a location at 1395 Second Avenue near 73rd Street for Upper East Siders to get their queso fix. Another option: make deep-fried queso at home. Here’s how:

The Spotted Pig

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